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Faucet Water Purifier-why A Faucet Purifier Is Essential For Good Health

Fitting and using a faucet water purifier is simpler than you think. These are the easiest to install and don't require you use any tools. If you mainly want to ensure you have clean drinking water in your home and don't want to spend money on a cartridge filtration system, a faucet water purifier will work very well.

All you have to do to fit them is unscrew the aerator on your sink’s spout and attach the filter to it. Normally it screws on.

You will need to replace the filter cartridges in this type of filter regularly. Some find a faucet water purifier may slightly reduce the pressure of water, but this really isn't much of a bother for most people.

Be aware that a faucet water purifier unit will only eliminate particles and contaminants from the water in the sink that has the filter attached. Most people choose the kitchen sink as the ideal sink for a faucet water purifier as this is where one does the cooking, washes the food and where most people get their drinking water.

Some people like to have a separate filter for the bathrooms in the house where they wash their hands and brush their teeth. Fortunately, most water purifier versions are very economical, thus having one fitted at each sink is not much of a problem.

Pure drinking water is like an elixir and helps to keep us and our families healthy. Bear in mind, when you use a water purifier to filter the water running into and out of your home, you improve your body's health and well being.

A water filter that can be set up with no plumbing required. Who wouldn’t like to cook and clean with purified water, water plants, fill fish tanks and give to pets and a cheaper alternative to buying bottled water?

It works through different stages of filtration and then diverting water through a diverter valve. It has a plastic or metal valve handle that is switched up or down to change to tap or filtered water.

A water purifier features a sub-micron high efficiency water purifier cartridge, providing an almost impenetrable, multi-stage defense against lead, cysts and various other chemicals common to municipal water supplies. Tap water enters the water filter cartridge within the Water Purifier and passes through three distinct micron-filtration barriers, providing maximum protection at every stage.

The average life span of a Replaceable Water Purifier Filter Cartridge is approximately 12-18 months, based on a family of four. The water purifier comes equipped with a unique electronic "smart" sensor, which measures the flow of water and visually alerts the user when to re-order a replacement water purifier cartridge and when to change the existing one. The battery operated electronic smart sensor and mostly has three blinking lights and they mean as:

Green – It means peak Water Purifier performance.

Yellow - Water Purifier performance is reduced and a new cartridge will be needed soon.

Red - Replace the Water Purifier cartridge before next use.

Remember, there are certainly many kinds of water and air purifiers available today, from ultraviolet water purifiers, distillation systems, reverse osmosis, etc. Reading reviews is probably the best way to find the top one for your home.

In addition to your regular home purifier, if you plan on being on the go often, you might consider purchasing a portable water purifier. This will give yourself pure clean water regardless of where you find yourself.

The bottom line is, your body is made up of 90% water. Therefore, you might as well give your body the finest water you possibly can to improve your health and overall vitality, so get yourself a faucet water purifier now.

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Source: http://www.isnare.com/?aid=224923&ca=Wellness%2C+Fitness+and+Diet

Frequently Asked Questions

    Pur water filter replacement wet?
    I opened a Pur water filter replacement, and there was some water inside. Are they usually wet? I remember them being pretty dry and you had to soak them. Do you think moisture got into the package? There was enough water for there to be droplets on the filter and package.

    • ANSWER:
      They are supposed to be that moist. If they were bone-dry, it would take longer soaking them to get them ready to use.

      Always run 1 jug-ful of water thru and use for watering plants, etc, as there will be carbon 'dust' particles in the first batch.

      I still soak the moist filters, but usually only for an hour or two, as opposed to a 'dry' filter, that needs to soak about 12 hours.

    Pur Water Filter replacement instructions?
    I just bought the ultimate filter that you put in the fridge. I put the filter in the hole, but I fill it with water, and no water is coming out of the bottom of the filter to fill the bottom.
    Is there something I have to do to the filter?
    I no longer have the box nor the instructions.

    • ANSWER:
      Follow the instructions that came with the filter.
      if you have problems, there should be a HELP NUMBER to call.
      Without seeing your system, it's impossible to answer your question.

    How do you clean your Pur water filter?
    I have a pur water pitcher that came with a replacement filter a while ago and we stopped using it. I lost the instructions and I forgot how to clean the filter! How do you clean the water filter? Thanks sooo sooo much!

    • ANSWER:
      why cant a dishwasher do it?

    PUR water-filter status lights (green, orange, red) - when the light goes red, is the...?
    ...water output no longer filtered?
    I use the PUR filters in my refrigerator and on my kitchen tap for water. The indicator lights will change from green to red in 45-60 days after a filter replacement, but the water will keep flowing for another 60-90 days before the filter completely clogs up, and then I have to replace the filter. During the period when the light is red, is the water still being purified? My guess is that it is.

    I use a similar filter system when I go hiking, and the instruction manual states that the filter will only output clean filtered water and can be used up until it is completely clogged. But the data on the home filters only say to replace the filter immediately after the light goes red. I think they just want to sell more filters.

    • ANSWER:
      The water is still being filtered after the light goes red, however it will come out at a lower pressure. I'm assuming you just mean your tap filter only lasts 45-60 days. Most refridgerator filters should last 6 months or so before the light goes red. I always change mine around the time it goes red because I prefer the proper water flow, and wouldn't want something stupid like that extra few days to void my warranty on the fridge.

      I also don't know if the lower flow as the filter clogs might affect the ice cube production. They definitely do keep the intervals short to sell more filters though. Their explanation would of course be that they set the interval to ensure that you always have peak performance from the filtering system, and therefore it should be changed before it begins to lose much efficiency.

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